Welcome to Re-Gen Peptides

Re-Gen Peptides is a Protein Supplement, in peptide form - an advanced form of nutrition, providing all of the required nutritional amino acids for humans as well as some organic iron and minerals.  The primary difference between other forms of dietary protein or amino acids and Re-Gen Peptides is the delivery mechanism - in peptide form, requiring no digestion, available within 15 to 25 minutes of consuming the tablets.  It is  also a full complex amino acid formulation, so everything our bodies need by way of protein, is contained, being recognised by our body, being absorbed directly into the bloodstream, requiring no processing by the liver.  Studies show that up to 50% of particular amino acids are retained by the intestines[1], not making their way into the bloodstream and up to 89% of amino acids that are consumed are catabolised by the liver (oxidised, converting them to carbohydrates whilst releasing toxic ammonia)[2], from sources such as whey protein.

The Benefits

If one looks at the list of benefits attributed to individual amino acids, they are quite remarkable, but because traditional dietary sources of protein and amino acids require digestion, the benefits are never fully experienced.  Through experience and the experiences of our clients, Re-Gen Peptides benefits are fully experienced, more so than any other product ever experienced by us and our clients.  We could try and explain the benefits through science, but most people will quickly become confused or lost in the science, therefore, we will explain the benefits on an anecdotal basis, sharing the experiences of some of the clients who have truly felt the benefits and would like to share their experiences with the world.

Benefits Summary


The benefits experienced differ from person to person because the body will decide how to best use the nutrition, but there are some benefits which are common to everyone who takes the product regularly. These are:

  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Endurance
  • Improved Health
  • Better Recovery
  • Improved Brain function
  • Relief from Inflammatory Pain

Benefits Experienced

Many of our clients have experienced benefits so profound that they consider the product to be the most important supplement they have taken.  In many cases, Re-Gen Peptides has helped to restore a normal lifestyle for people suffering from one or other form of debilitating condition.  Please select from a category below to see the detail regarding the benefits experienced in that category.


Click the above link to see how people have experienced greater strength.  This includes athletes as well as people suffering from the ravages of age or some sort of condition which has left them feeling much weaker...


Whether it be athletes pushing themselves to the limit or normal people struggling from fatigue at work or trying to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle. Re-Gen Peptides makes doing so easy and beneficial...


Click the above link to see how people have experienced health benefits.  The range of benefits is enormous!  When people are provided amino acids that their their bodies have been struggling to assimilate for years, in many cases the benefits to their health are astonishing.  Many degenerative conditions see immediate relief...


Recovery from excessive exercise, from injury, from serious inflammatory conditions is vastly improved, with a rule of thumb of cutting recovery times in half.  People have recovered from conditions which they have suffered with for years because of the non-availability of the vital amino acids to assist with that recovery....


Mental energy, focus and alertness are all enormously improved for the vast majority of people, but for many people  this improvement has completely changed their options and experiences in life, with experiences ranging from balancing of hormone levels, better sleep, better memory, better cognition to mental clarity and focus...

[1] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3257691/
[2] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15570142